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ACM has strong ties with local organizations in Pune where you can intern and get hands-on professional experience while abroad. At the same time, you’ll deepen your understanding of development-related activities in India.

You’ll work at a local non-governmental organization (NGO) during your first 10 weeks in Pune. Each NGO placement site is working to address challenges faced by communities and individuals in India and other nations, such as poverty, educational access, expanding rights for historically-marginalized communities, malnutrition, pollution, and gender inequality.

Internship Placement Projects

What's it like to work in the non-profit sector? Past students have worked in areas that provide services for children in education, health, and nutrition; for women in micro-financing, literacy, and pre-natal care; and in city planning, water conservation, and pollution control. Learn from students who participated in the India program in 2016.

SOPPECOM (Society for Promoting Participative Ecosystem Management)
"This organization works on issues of water equity, especially in rural areas. It also works to promote sustainable and rational use of natural resources. I am conducting independent research through a case study of a small village where the efforts for participatory irrigation management (PIM) have failed. I am using villager’s personal accounts and survey data to determine courses for the PIM system’s failure."

"Alochana is a research center that helps with outreach programs to teach marginalized women about their rights, education, government policies and other human rights that they are not aware of. We help to come up with fun learning activities for women that want to start their own library without help from the state or national government."

"I am working with an urban planning NGO that helps local governments develop in a sustainable way. At the organization, I’m working on an advocacy campaign that demonstrates how street vendors, a historically marginalized group, can play an important role in 21st century cities."

Sahyog Trust
"This nonā€profit is working to establish cooperation between human rights organizations to affect legal and social change. Sahyog works to ensure all people are aware of their rights and that those rights are being enforced. They have provided legal aid to prisoners, women, and children. Among the issues they focus on are Dalit rights, environmental law, and HIV/AIDS and law. My job at the trust is to develop a handbook on child sexual abuse in India which will be used to educate people about the specific challenges of confronting this issue in India, what different laws say, and how to take action if you suspect abuse is occurring."

National Center for Advocacy Studies (NCAS)
"This organization works to further the social rights of people in the community of Pune and throughout India. NCAS works at the grassroots level and facilitates efforts for justice and accountable governance. I will be helping to summarize national education commissions and reports so as to help research and development. I might also be working in the field of elementary education."