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India: Culture, Traditions, & Globalization

Pune, India


Place yourself at the crossroads of change and tradition in Pune, India. Learn about India firsthand by living with a host family, taking Marathi language and culture courses, and exploring destinations throughout the region. 


Fall semester (mid-August–mid-December)
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Living arrangements

Homestay with an Indian host family

Courses & credits

Recommended credit is 16 semester credits or the equivalent. See course descriptions

  • Contemporary India
  • History, Culture, and Language of Maharashtra
  • Elective course
  • Independent Study Project

Language requirement

No prerequisites. Except for the required Marathi language study, all classes are conducted in English.


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Application deadlines

If the deadline has passed and you are interested in applying, contact the ACM Office immediately. Late applications may be accepted on a space-available basis.

Explore the program

See the different facets of India

“The program was not only run excellently, but it offered adventures I could not dream of. From traveling the city of Pune on Gandhi’s birthday to visiting nearly pristine Buddhist caves, the ACM India program opens the door to a whole new world.”

Chase Mowery,  Monmouth College, English and history major

Over the course of the semester, you’ll familiarize yourself with Pune and with other diverse parts of India, both through class excursions and personal travel. How will traditions, industries, cultures, landscapes, and people differ as you travel throughout the country?

Adopt a new worldview

“I felt such a sense of empowerment and success when I became able to navigate the streets of Pune by myself, or when I could hold a conversation in Marathi with my host mother or a rickshaw driver. Those little things caused me to gain a much broader understanding of the world.”

Katie Blanchard, Coe College, theatre arts and political science major

Jump out of your comfort zone and experience daily life in a new culture. As you explore India, take courses, and meet new people every day, your understanding of India, the world, and yourself will be transformed over the semester.

Explore a research topic that interests you

“I loved the independent study project (ISP) portion of the India program. The public health focus of my project engaged me in a topic that I grew increasingly passionate about, and altered my career path.”

Helen Noble, Lawrence University, biology and environmental studies major

Take full advantage of an independent research opportunity using India as your primary resource! In the past, students have compiled original research in the areas of anthropology, art, education, philosophy, women’s and gender studies, and many more.

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Christian Novetzke
Macalester College

The ACM India program was the keystone in my career as a scholar of South Asia. At the time, it was perhaps the only opportunity in the American academy to study Marathi, and the program gave me a firm foundation in that language.

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Jessica Schachterle
Macalester College

In India, I went from being highly literate in English to barely being able to sound out store signs in Marathi. Now as an English teacher and coordinator, I work with hundreds of immigrants and refugees going through a similar adjustment.

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Tyler Quinn
St. Olaf College

The ACM India program gives you the ability to reform the foundation of your character, and I struggle to imagine any student regretting their decision to study and live in India.

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