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Communications Assistant in India

ACM seeks a Communications Assistant for the spring 2019 India program. Students in this position create and gather content documenting their off-campus study experience. The Communications Assistant receives a stipend of either $500 for working a total of 30-35 hours (semester students) or $350 for working a total of 20-25 hours (trimester students). Participation in the spring 2019 India program is required for this position.

The Communications Assistant will work closely with the on-site program director. Marlee Stein, ACM Off-Campus Study Program Coordinator, supervises the assistant remotely from the ACM office.

Responsibilities include:

  • Taking photos for use in ACM off-campus study marketing materials.
  • Generating content for ACM’s social media channels.
  • Writing blog posts, student profiles/testimonials, and other feature content.
  • Interviewing students, faculty, and other individuals for feature articles/testimonials.
  • Creating video clips highlighting different aspects of the India program.
  • Collecting video, photos, and related content from other students on the program.

Applicants should have strong written communication and photography skills. Videography experience is not required but highly valued.

Application Instructions

Spring 2019 application deadline: December 1, 2018

Students must submit the following application materials to ocs@acm.eduPlease submit all materials in ONE document (Word or PDF).

  • A cover letter (1 page) responding to the following questions:
    1. Why do you want this position?
    2. How will your skills and past experiences be helpful in this position? Please reference any cross-cultural knowledge or experience that may be relevant.
    3. How will you balance this work opportunity with the other academic demands and cultural opportunities of the program?
  • Resume
  • Name and contact information of one reference (preferably a supervisor from a previous job)
  • 3-5 photography examples (inserted into the same document as other materials. Please size photos as large as possible on the page.)