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Excursions & Travel

Class excursions and special access to famous sites

Florence—or anywhere you go in Italy—will become your classroom during the program. While most of the sites you visit for your courses are in Florence, program excursions visit nearby towns and cities, as well, to provide varied perspectives and examples.

The ACM Florence program was an unforgettable experience. Not only did I get to live in a city where I was surrounded by amazing art and architecture, but I got to travel to other Italian towns and cities and totally immerse myself in the culture.”

Anna Hegland, Coe College, English and history major

Weekend trips

The semester includes two weekend trips, typically to Venice and Rome, where you will have special access to famous sites. For example, program staff may arrange a private viewing of the Basilica of San Marco in Venice. In Rome, you might explore the site of the Roman Forum with a local expert or descend into the ancient Roman necropolis under the Basilica of St. Peter's during an archaeologist-led tour that ends at the tomb of Peter himself.

Cultural experiences from sports to opera

You’ll also experience a variety of Italian activities during your semester in Florence, such as opera, theatre, concerts, football (soccer) games, or olive oil tastings. Lectures on Italian history and contemporary affairs may be offered. You’ll receive discounts for musical performances and a transportation pass that gives you unlimited access to the bus and tram network, allowing you to explore more sites in your free time.

Personal Travel

You don’t need to venture far from Florence to fill your weekends with incredible destinations, many of which are named World Heritage Sites. Lucca, another Tuscan city, offers visitors the chance to explore centuries-old palaces and medieval churches. A stroll through Siena’s narrow, historic streets will also expose you to timeless architecture while placing you directly where the Sienese School of painting was born in the 13th century.

“We were allowed a lot of free time to really explore the culture and travel. For me the trip was very much about self-discovery and learning to be more independent.”

Sarah Klooster, Hope College, communications and art history major

Many students also travel to the Italian Riviera to see the Cinque Terre, a collection of five quaint, colorful coastline villages that will transport you and your imagination back in time. Other students venture further to the Amalfi Coast region, where they can enjoy sites in Naples and Sorrento before exploring the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii.

Whether you join the bustle of activity in Milan, one of the world’s largest cosmopolitan fashion hubs, or you spend a day in a medieval castle in Assisi, your travels in Italy will reveal the country from countless different angles.