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Living Arrangements

Experience authentic Italian culture

During your first few days in Florence, you and your fellow students will live in a small Italian hotel, called a pensione, as you begin your orientation and intensive language study.

For the rest of the semester, you’ll experience authentic Italian culture by living with an Italian host family selected by program staff. ACM host families come from diverse walks of life–your host family may be large and multigenerational, a couple without children, or a single woman.

No matter the size of the household, each one is eager to welcome you as a member of their family.

A typical day

In the morning, you and your ACM roommate will eat breakfast at home, usually a typical Italian meal of coffee and pastries, before heading off to classes by walking or taking the bus. Your daily commute from your homestay to the centro will likely be between 15-30 minutes.

After a full day of classes, excursions, and other activities, you’ll return home for a leisurely dinner with your host family. Italian culture savors time spent in the company of friends, family, and a delicious meal. While some members of your host family will speak English, dinnertime is the perfect opportunity to practice speaking Italian.

Not only did I make new friends but I felt like I gained a new little family at my homestay, I couldn't have asked for a better host mom and roommates--truly a home away from home.”

Anna Carpenter—Coe College, photography and art history major